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Ireland's first CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team)



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Check out the IRISSCON 2021 Date and Venue, Speaker Lineup, and Conference Sponsors below.


The IRISSCERT Cyber Crime Conference (IRISSCON) will be held this year on Thursday the 18th of November 2021 in the The Aviva Stadium, Landsdowne Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, Ireland.  This is an all-day conference which focuses on providing attendees with an overview of the current cyber threats facing businesses in Ireland and throughout the world and what they can do to help deal with those threats.


Experts on various aspects of cyber crime and cyber security share their thoughts and experiences with attendees, while attendees will also have the opportunity to network with likeminded individuals.


The conference is open to anyone with responsibility for securing their business information assets. There is a nominal fee of €50 per person attending to cover the costs of catering and other organisational expenses.


An annually held conference, IRISSCON is an opportunity to not only increase your knowledge but also to meet and network with your peers in a relaxed environment. Here is a video giving an overview of IRISSCON.



Cyber Security Challenge

In parallel to the conference, IRISSCERT also hosts Ireland's premier IRISSCON Cyber Security Challenge. The challenge allows Ireland's top cyber security experts to compete against each other in a controlled environment to see who will be the first to exploit weaknesses in a number of systems and declare victory. The purpose of the competition is to demonstrate how attackers could gain access to your systems and allow you to learn from the event on how to prevent such attacks from impacting your network.


Register Now for the IRISSCON Cyber Security Challenge 2021!


Checkout the IRISSCON 2021 Date and Venue, Speaker Lineup, Agenda and Conference Sponsors below.


Date and Venue

Date: Thursday, 18th November 2021

Venue: The Aviva Stadium, Landsdowne Road, Dublin 4


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Speaker Lineup - More to Follow

Eugene Kaspersky, CEO, Kaspersky


Topic: Cyber Immunity for Cyber Age


Abstract: The data-driven industrial revolution that is taking place right now is doing so more rapidly than any tech innovation in history and it is gradually impacting every sector of the global economy. With everything – and everyone – computerized, cybersecurity is one of the main concerns for numerous businesses and organizations. Today’s cybersecurity is about more than just protecting endpoint devices – it is critical part of business and production processes. The current cybersecurity landscape requires a drastically different approach – a transition from ‘cybersecurity’ to ‘cyber-immunity’, where the cost of a cyberattack is greater than the cost of the damage. Information systems should be designed and built to secure an ecosystem where everything is connected


Bio:Eugene Kaspersky is a world-renowned cybersecurity expert and successful entrepreneur. He is a co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Kaspersky, the world’s largest privately-held vendor of endpoint protection and cybersecurity solutions.


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Ciaran Martin, Professor, University of Oxford


Topic: This talk will focus on the reality of cyber harms as distinct from the myths, and talk about how organisations big and small can manage risk whilst getting on with the job


Bio: Ciaran Martin, CB, is Professor of Practice at the University of Oxford’s Blavatnik School of Government. From 2014 to 2020 he set up and led the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre, part of the intelligence agency GCHQ on whose board he served. For the previous decade and a half he served in a variety of positions in the UK Treasury and Cabinet Office. He is originally from Tyrone .


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Jen Ellis, VP, Community and Public Affairs


Topic: A Social Engineers guide to Deception - understanding how humans lie.


In 2020, ransomware attackers made more than $350 million and caused terrible disruption, particularly in healthcare. Combatting this blight requires a comprehensive, multi-faceted strategy adopted in collaboration by governments around the world. To this end, the Ransomware Task Force brought together experts from governments, private, and nonprofit sectors to identify actions that would help to disrupt, deter, prepare for, and respond to, ransomware attacks at scale. In April of this year, the Task Force issued its report, detailing 48 recommendations. This session will provide an overview of the recommendations, discuss the rationale behind them, and clarify next steps


Bio: As vice president of community and public affairs at Rapid7, Jen Ellis is focused on advancing cybersecurity by building collaboration between the security community and those outside it. Partnering with security researchers/experts, technology providers/operators, civil society, and governments, Jen is committed to driving greater understanding of cybersecurity challenges and ways of addressing them. She is a nonresident senior fellow of the Atlantic Council, sits on the boards of the Center for Cybersecurity Policy and Law, I Am The Cavalry, and the Aerospace Village, and is a member of the board of advisors for the CyberPeace Institute and the Global Cyber Alliance. She has testified before U.S. Congress and spoken at numerous security or business conferences.


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Phillip Amann, Head of Strategy, Europol European CyberCrime Centre (EC3)


Topic: To Be Announced



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Bob McArdle, Director FTR CyberCrime Research, Trend Micro


Topic: To Be Announced



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Thanks to the generosity of our  sponsors IRISS is able to host this event. The following organisations kindly lent their support to our conference.



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Media Sponsors

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