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Subscribing to IRISS is free and the services are provided to you at no cost.  To subscribe click here.


Any company that connects onto the Internet to conduct part or all of its business is potentially at risk of cyber attack.  To better manage that risk your company needs to have better information on those risks and how best to counter them.  By subscribing to The Irish Reporting & Information Security Service (IRISS) you will be better prepared to deal with those risks as we provide:


Incident Reporting

A resource whereby you can report computer security incidents anonymously and in confidence.

Alerts and Warnings

Providing you with advanced alerts and warnings on potential vulnerabilities and threats facing your information technology infrastructure. Where possible these alerts will be tailored specifically for the Irish audience and also to meet clients’ requirements such as non-technical alerts for owner managers of SMEs and more detailed technical alerts for IT specialists working for larger firms.


Surveys and research on information security matters within Ireland to give you a better understanding as to what is happening in the Irish Internet community. This should provide you with meaningful statistics pertinent to your business rather than relying on statistics from other countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom.

Sanitised Attack Notifications

An alerting service to notify you of attacks that are currently happening to Irish companies. This will be based on companies sharing their experiences anonymously with IRISS so that other companies can be made aware and respond to the potential threat.

Provide Guidelines

Access to information, advice and best practises on how to secure and manage the information technology platforms your businesses are dependant on.

Education and Awareness

Information Security is a topic which is continually evolving as new technologies are introduced, new threats identified and new solutions developed. IRISS will provide you a channel to disseminate advice and best practices on new security topics, based on the relevance to the Irish internet community.

Subscribing to IRISS is free and the services are provided to you at no cost.  To subscribe click here.


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